My One Kids’ Poem

This is not literally my only children's poem, but it is the only one worth reading. Wouldn't you know it… in the poem, I attempt to teach something about our language.


There is one more cookie there:
Shouldn't he or should he?
Johnny's mother says: FORBEAR,
Do not eat the goodie!

Johnny makes his FOREBEARS glad,
Does just what they say;
Wants to be a decent lad,
When they say, "obey."

Grandma gives the sternest rule:
"Who has cookies, shares,"
Says, "if you're a bad boy, you'll
Be eaten by FOUR BEARS!"

Every now and then, though, John
Steals the sweets, in pairs,
Takes two cookies, not just one,
To the zoo… FOR BEARS!

– The Yellow Doggerelist

Copyright © 1996 Stephen S. Bates

One Response to “My One Kids’ Poem”

  1. maureenfernandez86 Says:

    Crazy imagination but I like it. Can I ask where do you get your inspiration from? Thanks for posting. Click

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