Douglas Adams Passes Away

May 21, 2001 – I have just learned that Douglas Adams died ten days ago, of a heart attack, at a distressingly young age (particularly distressing to one who is just past that age). The service for Adams involved music ranging from the Bach Schuebler Chorales to several Beatles songs including, appropriately enough, "Paperback Writer."

Do Not Dirk Gently
Into That Good Night

In Heaven, hear the laughter roll;
No Long Dark Tea-Time of your soul.
Though surely mad, and often manic,
You gave sage advice: Don't Panic.

To us whose laughter needs a Guide,
Your service cannot be denied.
O master of the grand absurd,
So Long, and Thanks for… every word.

– The Yellow Doggerelist

(May 2001)

Copyright © 2001 Stephen S. Bates

2 Responses to “Douglas Adams Passes Away”

  1. Bryan Says:

    I hope they didn’t forget the towel.

  2. Steve Says:

    Bryan, if you haven’t read the recently issued posthumous collection, The Salmon of Doubt, it’s worth your trouble. The collection is a bit scattered, and probably differs from what Adams planned for it before his untimely death, but it contains essays, magazine articles, etc. that I have not seen elsewhere. Adams was more than a great humorist and writer of satirical s/f; he was a deep if good-natured thinker on many subjects.

    I miss DNA. His early demise seems like more proof that life just isn’t fair.

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