Coffee For The Snobby

In March, 2001, Starbucks stockholders enjoyed their fourth stock split since the company went public in 1992, while nearby protesters faulted the corporation for everything except what's really wrong…

Grounds for Complaint

Take the lowly beverage, coffee;
Turn it into something stoffee.
Drinking same is now no hobby;
Connoisseurs are more than snobby.
They perceive their bounden duty:
Sipping brew, then acting snooty.

Yesterday, martinis, jazz scenes;
Now, sophisticated has-beans
Seek the flavor ever finer,
Praise their favorite designer.
Never more does life depress, O
Reader, one who KNOWS espresso.

Will they strip my golden filter
If I say what's out of kilter?
Those as rich as Daddy Warbucks,
Fawning, frothing over Starbucks.
Wealth's like coffee: drip or boil it;
Soon enough… it's down the toilet!

– The Yellow Doggerelist

(March 2001)

Copyright © 2001 Stephen S. Bates

(Thanks to L.J. for the beans from which this was brewed. I am fond of Starbucks coffee, and as corporations go, they're really not so bad. – SB)

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