Both Ends Against The Middle

Unilever, on 4/10/2000, bought both Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream and SlimFast diet drink. Talk about "enabling" at both ends of the diet cycle…


Scoop a heap, and top with cherries,
Gorge yourself on Ben and Jerry's.
Soon, you're overwhelmed with guilt:
On your favorite shirt it's spilt;
Even worse, you're feeling fat…
Come now, we'll have none of that!
Now embark upon a grim fast,
Water? nah… let's make it SlimFast.
Soon you're feeling fit and trim,
Out for ice cream, on a whim.
Up or down, you self-deceiver,
Who's your dealer? Unilever!

– The Yellow Doggerelist

(April 2000)

Copyright © 2000 Stephen S. Bates

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