Spring Song

In Houston, it’s
Tiptoe Through the Tulips,
Hold Nose, Wipe Eyes, Take Med’s

I went for a walk in the garden today.
The flowers were ever so bloomy,
The gardener mowing was cause for dismay,
The haze of pollution was gloomy.

The taxis and minivans cruised down the street,
The birds and the critters were callin’,
But I was a mess from my head to my feet,
Because of the fumes and the pollen.

The parks are inviting, the avenues grand,
Today I should be out of doors;
Instead I am sticking my head in the sand,
Avoiding the mold and the spores.

This allergen symphony strikes me all wrong,
And here is the cause of my dread:
When nature and man are performing their song,
I can’t get it out of my head!

– The Yellow Doggerelist

(Spring 1998)

Copyright © 1998 Stephen S. Bates

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